Friday, 29 June 2012

Kids in the Kitchen

Amazing what Social Media can do in the time it takes to blink an eye!

It all started with a tweet.  It looked something like this:

And then, because I can't help myself- I replied.

And when I woke up the next morning- there was an avalanche of tweets back and forth and up and down and swirling in circles that I could barely follow!

So the idea grew.  And volunteers stepped forward.  Suggestions were made.  We may have even volun-told  a few people, I'm not entirely sure!  But one thing was certain.  We all agree that healthier children mean healthier communities- better food choices mean healthier children, and what better place to start but with our own.  Can Belleville, Ontario support this?

We have a few questions- like whether or not there is enough interest in our area to hold classes for kids that want to learn more about cooking and making healthier choices.  Are there venues in the area that would allow use of space?  Do we need insurance?  Are any local businesses on board for giving us a break on ingredients?  Is there a local Nutritionist that would be willing to look over menu?  Jamie Oliver Food Revolution style?

What do you think?  Any suggestions, comments, feedback or ideas are welcome!

"You have to feed a community to help it grow.  Participate.  Lend a hand.  Show your support.  You will be surprised at the results!"

Monday, 25 June 2012

Pressing Questions

You've got to feed a community to help it grow.  Participate.  Lend a hand.  Show your support.   You will be surprised with the results!

Most of you know that I have a keen interest in the expanding field of social media in medicine. I find it incredibly informative,  fascinating and very fast paced. Above all, I am thankful that we have access to it-  without it, I am not sure where we would be right now with Owen. Through social media we have navigated the system with the help of a number of non profit organizations, defined obscure medical jargon and made contact with other parents of special needs children. We have been very blessed with the contacts we have made and the relationships we have developed.  

As part of a 'Health Care in Social Media' chat series on Twitter, I have been asked to moderate a discussion for  the #hcsmca community. These weekly #hcsmca discussions help bridge the gap between patients and professionals, as the landscape of health care information changes.

As an epatient/caregiver I understand the diverse nature of the patient community, as well as the immensity of professional interests and areas of study within the medical community. I am interested in trying to change the way we receive important medical information and support. My hope is that the topics I have chosen provide a unique opportunity  to reflect the opinions of patients, their caregivers and their health care professionals, and that it fosters a great discussion. Does this interest you as well? 

The three topics I have settled on are as follows:

As health care consumers, how do we know which information and organizations are trustworthy?  How do we ensure a safe online patient experience?

As health care providers, which health information would you like your patients to be looking for?  What is helpful, what is not?

What health information sourced through social media do you consider reliable, credible and relevant? 

On Wednesday June 27th at 9pm EST I will be moderating my first Twitter Chat. If you are a patient, a caregiver, a healthcare professional or have something to say about any of the topics above please join me! This is an opportunity for you to make a difference!

You can find me on Twitter @mindthecompany - don't be shy, I like to share!