Sunday, 14 August 2011

Can We Please Stop Here?

I am listening to my little ones play house, and I am struck- in the frying pan to the side of the head kind of way.  They are gently disagreeing- Daisy saying "I want to be Mommy," and Owie saying "No, I want to be Mommy!"  And I think to myself, can we please stop here?

Mommy's a rock star!

Can we live in this moment for just a little while?  Where my little guys think the world of me, and that I am their world?  Before we get to the part where the stuff that goes on outside of our house becomes more important than the stuff that happens inside of it.  Just stop time for a little while, right at the spot where they are still willing to give me the honour and privilege of holding their little hands?  That tiny window where they have a real need and desire for me to be with them.  I treasure it so, and I am suddenly not so sure that I am ready to take a step back and let them go on without me.  I realize that this is a lot to ask, and that life really doesn't work this way, but just this once, can we make an exception?

I am NOT ready for my babies to grow up.

But I guess that it is not up to me, is it?  School is just around the corner for Owie.  I am really nervous about what he will face when he walks out into the big wide world.  I hope they treat him kindly.  I hope he never has to face the harsh words that we have heard in our own backyard.   It would be naive of me to think that I can somehow protect him from the harsh words and ridicule that defines almost every childhood.  But one can always hope.

Only time will tell. 
A quiet moment

One thing is for certain.  Without a doubt, I will be there for my little ones, to dry their tears when it hurts, to share their joy when they succeed, and to enjoy every last moment that we are blessed with.

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