Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Breakfast Trifle

Care to share?  Yes, please!

This makes a super simple breakfast, snack or dessert.  The only secret is to put them together the day before you want to have them.  Play with this basic recipe and see if you can make it healthier!  For Owen, I sometimes make a coconut milk Blancmange (stove top cooked custard with eggs, coconut milk and sugar) in place of the yogurt.  In this house, that is known as "Eggs, Cleverly Disguised...as Pudding".   Replacing the angel food cake with Omega 3 packed blueberry muffins could also boost the nutrition!


For this recipe, you will need:

  • chunks of angel food cake (or day old blueberry muffins)
  • a few handfuls of your favourite berries, fresh (well washed) or frozen
  • a drizzle of orange juice, or some low sugar jam
  • your favourite French vanilla yogurt
  • single serving size containers
Place chunks of cake or muffins in the bottom of your containers.  Top with berries, a drizzle of orange juice or jam.  Top with yogurt.  Make as many as you wish- it's really that simple!


Seal containers, and *REFRIGERATE until ready to serve.


Do you want to try some?  You won't be disappointed!

*When yogurt is in contact with any other food, it is extremely important to refrigerate while it is holding and use promptly.  Why?  Because it is a bacteria culture- full of healthy bacterial cultures, which are good for your health.  BUT- say you want to sweeten it up a bit and use unpasteurised honey- which can carry botulism toxin.  Yogurt has potential to help breed botulism toxin as well as those wonderful beneficial bacteria as well if it is kept warm enough!  Keep it cold until ready to eat! 

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