Thursday, 30 August 2012

Breaking News

Mommy was wrong.

Just a few short weeks ago I did a #TherapyThursday post called Striving for Balance.  I said, and I quote:

"Balance is such a challenge that Owen may never graduate from a tricycle."

I was wrong.  I did not put enough faith in the idea that he could push through the challenge.  I was wrong.  And I am sorry.

I am pleased to announce that Owen has graduated!  The tricycle has been retired:)

This  post is part of  #TherapyThursday, which I hope gives you a glimpse inside our lives.  Care to join me in raising awareness of Special Needs?  Post a blog, picture or tweet about it using the hashtag #TherapyThursday.  Feel free to post a link below in the comment section!  Remember that there are many different types of therapy- Occupational, Physical, Feeding, Speech Language and Behavioural to name a few.  I hope it will serve as yet another way to spread awareness of special needs!

From the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

"Occupational therapy is the art and science of enabling engagement in everyday living, through occupation; of enabling people to perform the occupations that foster health and well-being; and of enabling a just and inclusive society so that all people may participate to their potential in the daily occupations of life (Townsend& Polatajko, 2007, p. 372)."

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