Saturday, 12 October 2013

Happy Birthday!

Today is the day!  Happy Birthday to my husband, Mr Cleverly Disguised as Cake!

It's been a roller coaster year.  We've had long separations in the form of unpredictable work travel. Tons of extra activities on everyone's part.  We've had politics, academia, full schedules and times so busy that we haven't been able to connect.

Health concerns that knocked the wind out of us.

Children growing and changing, challenging our parenting skills and at times, our sanity.

We've had doubts- though not of each other's ability to rise to the challenges, but of our own ability to overcome.

But all of these things were tempered with more JOY than I can possibly put into words.

I never thought that it was possible to fall in love. I'm far to logical for that.

And I truly never thought it possible to love someone MORE with every passing day.

You delight in proving my theories incorrect, don't you?

May this year bring you everything and more.

With this cake (OF COURSE THERE IS CAKE!) we wish you the best and the brightest things the world has to offer... xoxoxo

Brownie base, Chocolate Ganache, Milk Chocolate Mousse, MORE Ganache, Crumbled Espresso Meringues, Brownie Chunks, and Salted Caramel Drizzle

Happy Birthday to the Man We Love!


  1. Happy Birthday to your husband... that looks delicious!

    1. Oh and you didn't take a lunch to work today did you?? I should have put a warning on that Tweet!

      It was so yummy that I dare not make it again!