Saturday, 23 July 2011

Fast Food- or Good Food, FAST!

I will keep it short but sweet today!

Sometimes I just don't understand why we rely so heavily on pre-made processed foods. While standing in line the other day at Tim's I found myself trying to figure out how you can slap a two dollar price tag on something as simple as yogurt and berries.  I agree with the idea that it is a healthy choice, especially compared to some of the other items on their menu, but it really bothers me that the healthier choices carry price tags higher than the fat and sugar laden donuts.  Why is healthier eating more expensive?  A trip through the drive through with our three mini monsters would cost $6 for a yogurt and six berries each.  I can buy a 650g tub of yogurt for $2 (which is approximately 6 1/2 cups), and a 600g bag of frozen berries for $4. Making them from scratch at home they could each have two servings (with more than 6 berries each!) and I would STILL have enough berries left over for a weeks worth of smoothies, or a couple of batches of veggie pops...more on that later.... And then I get to be the one that controls the sugar and fat content of what my kids are eating. Unfortunately I do not  know if the berries they use in these pre-made parfaits have added sugar. The ingredient listings in Tim's products do not appear online. They were kind enough to tell us the basic fat and calorie content, but it makes me a little wary of  purchasing their product if they are not willing to make ingredient listings readily available. I could rant about this all day long, but I promised to keep it short but sweet so I guess I need to get on with it.

Super simple breakfast, snack, lunch or dessert can make these in disposable cups to take in the car with you, toss them in reusable containers for your lunches, make them in the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter. We call them "Breakfast Parfaits" here, and I have to say they are tasty enough to make me want to eat even when I'm not hungry! I normally make them with homemade yogurt (SCD Legal of course) but you don't need to go that far. 

Breakfast in a cup!

Breakfast Parfaits

For each one you will need:
  • A handful of fresh or frozen berries
  • A touch of honey (if desired- we use raspberry the most so it's a bit sour!)
  • 1/2 cup of your favourite yogurt (we like french vanilla)
Toss a handful of berries into the bottom of the cup- we mash them slightly for Owen since big bites are too hard for him.  Drizzle with a bit of pasteurized honey. Top with yogurt. If you want an extra special treat (totally divine!) crush a crunchy oatmeal cookie and sprinkle on top just prior to serving.

**Time saving advice for busy mornings- put the fruit and the honey (if using) into the cups and put them in the refrigerator overnight.  Then top with the yogurt in the morning.  We made a large batch for the children's breakfast at the family picnic last year and doing it this way saved a ton of time.

That's it! And it sure doesn't cost me 2 bucks a kid! This recipe is Owen approved!

What are you having for breakfast?


  1. It's so ironic to know that healthy foods are more expensive than fastfoods and such. I wish it were the other way around. Nonetheless, you're breakfast is so healthy, and looking at it made me feel very hungry.

    Clint Shaff

  2. This is maybe one of the reasons some people prefer pre-made processed food than healthy food. It’s sad to know, but that’s the truth. Aside from being quick to prepare, it is also cheaper than those food made with veggies and fruits. Anyway, your breakfast looks tasty and healthy!

    >Joseph Carr