Friday, 7 October 2011

This one is for you Jean....

Perhaps the most sought after recipes that I use regularly are the vegetable popsicles.  I know, it doesn't sound that appealing- but my kids love them so much that they don't even ask for the sugary water ones that they sell in the grocer's freezer.  If they are going to have sugar in their diet, I want to be the one to control it!

Daisy and the mutant pop- Love at first bite!
Basically I always use pineapple as a base, for the digestive properties and also because it covers the taste of almost everything. I puree whole fruit instead of just a bunch of juice because Owen does not eat enough solid food to allow for empty juice calories. Just mix away really- it's kind of like when they are babies and you are starting them on puree- start with milder flavour and just keep adding as much as you can get away with!

There are a number of variations you could make.  Change it up a bit!  I will periodically add to the page as we try new variations.  The general rule of thumb is to start slowly with the vegetables, and increase with each successive batch.  With the Mutant Spinach Pops I started with a couple of handfuls, and now I can get about 2 or 3 packed cups of spinach into each batch.

Mutant Spinach Pops

1/2 pineapple, cored and cut into chunks
1 cup of fresh spinach, or more-
Orange or pineapple juice
Touch of honey if desired
Raspberry goes well in this mix, so toss in a handful of frozen berries if desired

Blend on high speed until smooth.  Pour into molds and freeze.  They won't last long!

Spaghetti Squash, Strawberry, Orange
1/2 pineapple
1/2 spaghetti squash, cooked (butternut may work too)
1/2 bag of frozen strawberries, or equal amount fresh
Splash of juice (I like to add fresh orange)
a bit of honey, if you like
Toss in some mango or peach chunks if you like

Throw in a blender and puree until smooth.

Broccoli, Raspberry

1/2 pineapple
Leftover steamed broccoli (I used a bit more than a cup)
enough raspberries to make it taste good :):)
splash of juice
touch of honey
Mango goes really well in this one so add away...

Throw in a blender and puree until smooth.

With any of the above recipes you can add yogurt or coconut milk to make a creamy variation that is a little higher in fat and calories.  They make a great dessert year round, and in the summer months my kids end up going through 10 or 12 a day.

The above recipes also double as smoothies in our house.  Just add a few ice cubes to the mix, yogurt if you like, and you have a mini meal.  I may add a tablespoon or 2 of macadamia nut butter or tahini for Owen, for fat and protein.


  1. This post cracks me up! Mutant pops! How creative and hilarious. I immediately thought "I have to try this!" And then I remembered Jack won't eat popsicles. Too cold. Ah well. I await your next brilliant idea.

  2. The kids love them, even the neighbourhood kids line to get them! Would he drink any of them as smoothies? Owen does better with thicker drink because he chokes on everything, but you can thin them with water or juice. I was so surprised with how many veggie and protein sources I could get into him this way. Currently experimenting with chicken. Sounds horribly wrong so I tell myself that it's just pineapple chicken with spinach salad:)